Bay window shutters

Bay windows are designed to maximise light entering rooms from all angles during the day, so it makes sense to complement them with window dressings that improve that light flow.

First and foremost, it has to be the elegance shutters bring to a bay window, turning it from bare or untidy to a window that is dressed precisely to the period of which your home was built. Externally, bay window shutters are every bit as beautiful, accentuating the angles of a bay window and smartening the exterior of your home.

Offering privacy from passers-by, while giving homeowners complete flexibility with light control, plantation shutters in bay windows are every bit as practical as they are stylish. They add an extra layer of insulation against draughty sash windows, are easy to maintain, and contribute to noise reduction – making them very suitable for city living.

Choosing a style depends on your needs and aesthetic tastes:

Tier-on-tier shutters work exceptionally well on bay windows. This style offers the most versatility as the upper and lower tiers open independently for greater light control in your bay.

Full height shutters offer similar levels of light and privacy control, but are fitted to each section of your bay window from top to bottom.

Café style shutters cover the lower portion of your bay window, providing privacy whist letting light flood in from the top – a popular choice if you’re keen to pair shutters with curtains.

If reinstating your property’s Regency, Victorian or Georgian character is high on your list, you may wish to opt for solid shutters which fold back, providing a traditional look.

There are many looks you can acquire when you choose plantation shutters for bay windows. For the most part, choosing pale, neutral shutter colours will make your room feel more spacious and uplifting, but that’s not to say you can’t be bold and opt for a more striking design if you wish.

Bay window shutters can create an incredible focal point in your property, and opting for dark, moody hues can draw the eye to the architectural features of the bay. We always advise our customers to keep in mind how their bay window shutters will look from the outside of their home, not just the inside, and choose accordingly. We often see customers who lean towards darker colours, opt for a wood stained shutter instead of dark paint, as they give more versatility when you come to decorate over the years.

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