Bedroom shutters

We spend a significant amount of time in bed, so it makes perfect sense that our bedrooms should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Bedroom shutters are the perfect window dressing to do just that.

Whether you like to wake with the sunrise or cosy up and shut out the world, bedroom shutters are a must. Designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind, bedroom window shutters afford you complete privacy, darkness and noise insulation.

After all, when it comes to sleep, each of us have different views on how to guarantee a good night. This is why shutters in the bedroom are so great. Their versatility lends them to different atmospheres being created come evening, allowing each of us to bask in our ideal sleeping environment.

Not only stylish, living room shutters offer unrivalled practical benefits too. If your living room is street-facing or you’re conscious of passers-by seeing into your home, shutters provide a level of privacy and flexibility that other window dressings can’t.

If you’re the type of person who needs complete darkness for a good night’s sleep, then our solid panel wood shutters are well worth considering. Their solid nature means that, when closed, a near blackout effect is created – perfect for those morning lie ins we all crave so much. Alternatively, full-height shutters give a little more light control variance than their solid, near-blackout shutter counterparts, owing to the fact that you can tilt the slats to an angle that suits you. With a variety of styles to choose from, our shutters provide ultimate control over the lighting and privacy of a bedroom space.

Offering total, unbroken coverage of bedroom windows when closed and allowing plenty of light to flood in when folded open, our solid panels are a popular choice for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. An increasingly popular choice is the tier on tier style, in which two halves work independently of one another, due to the sheer versatility they provide. Simply keep the lower section closed for privacy, whilst opening the top to allow the room to be filled with a subtle, gentle light. Great for nurseries and adult bedrooms alike.

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