The last few weeks have seen ups and downs of nice weather in Scotland as Summer approaches. Although the Summer usually means getting outside more often, inside can sometimes be uncomfortable especially for families with children. The key to keeping your property cool is proper ventilation and air circulating your home during the warmer months. What most of us do is open all the windows in the house and then, que the racket that the blinds make.  

Artisan shutters solve this problem and can be great for bedroom shutters as they not only allow you to open up your windows but can be left closed and adjusted without having to worry about them moving because of the way they are fixed to the window surround. This ultimately allows you to not only gain airflow throughout your bedroom, but also allows for privacy and control of harsh direct light. This also applies for our living room shutters as slats can even be tilted up and down to allow lots of light whilst creating a private space for your family and children. Opening your windows to allow air in is just one factor, without shutters direct sunlight can be too bright for those in your room and objects in the room that may get damaged from the direct sunlight. Just something else to keep in mind when buying your shutters. 

It’s important to mention that our popular style is the full height shutters, crafted with or without a mid-rail in place, giving you the option to have one half open and one closed for that extra level of flexibility, light control and as we spoke about above – ventilation and circulating air. 

One of our favourites is shutters for doors which do the same tricks in the Summer. Just think, wouldn’t you enjoy opening the patio or sliding doors while still pulling the shutters across, to feel the cool air during the Summer? 

Reap the benefits of our shutters this Summer and get in touch! 

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