Picture a Spring morning, opening your brand-new bedroom shutters transforming the ambience of your bedroom all be it if you prefer a weekend lie in or being woken to that early morning sunrise, our bedroom shutters can do either. You can control the light levels from dark at night to bright and airy throughout the day and the slats can even be tilted up and down when you’re up and about to allow lots of light whilst creating a private space.

Fast forward to opening your windows in the Summer, our shutters won’t rattle in the breeze but can still let air circulate through, then in Winter rest assured our shutters act as a double glazing keeping your room warm, but who wants to talk about Winter just now when the sun is splitting the sky at the end of March.

We’d also highly recommend shutters for Children’s bedroom, for the little light sleepers that get up at the first hint of sunlight – our shutters are a better version of a blackout blind.

Our bedroom shutters don’t need to be something for a bedroom renovation, our white and neutral colours can blend with any existing space and later you can easily re decorate without having to update your shutters.    

As Easter approaches and maybe some well-earned time off then why not start your bedroom shutter journey today.                                                                

Start your Artisan Shutter journey today and book your appointment by emailing us on info@artisanplantationshutters.com or if you prefer a friendly voice call us on 0800 038 776 and arrange a remote COVID friendly appointment.