Conservatory shutters

Conservatories are fresh, inspiring spaces, but can pose a little tricky when it comes to finding the right window dressing. The good news is that if you’re looking for a catch-all solution for your conservatory windows, conservatory shutters are the way to go.

The first reason, light control. Conservatory shutters allow light to flood the room in a way other conservatory window dressings can’t. Simply adjust the conservatory shutter slats to reduce direct sunlight and cool the room.

Another benefit is the UV protection conservatory shutters are coated with: this is a huge failing of most blinds, which can often become bleached by sunlight.

Come winter, conservatory shutters provide an extra layer of insulation to windows, retaining that much-needed heat in the colder months.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the privacy they bring. Conservatories can often feel exposed – installing shutters will afford you ultimate privacy if you want it.

A popular choice for conservatories, our bespoke shape shutters can be measured and made to any specification (triangle, trapezoid, circle, you name it) and, if fitted to a conservatory roof or angled window, will be installed with strong magnets to prevent shutter panels from hanging down.

Full height shutters fit over the entire conservatory window or door frame, and offer ample privacy, temperature and light control. While not so common but still fabulous, café style shutters can be installed and will work particularly well if you would like to maximise the amount of light entering into your conservatory.

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