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Full Height Shutters

It’s no surprise that our full height shutters are one of our most sought-after styles, given the versatility and sophistication they bring to any window area.

What are full height shutters?

Full height shutters are window coverings that measure the full length of your window. Fitted as either a single louvred panel that can open and close on one or two hinges like a door, or as a concertina-effect which works best on large window or door areas, they’re our most popular shutter style, and for good reason. Our full height shutters can be crafted with or without a mid-rail in place, giving you the option to have one half open and one closed for that extra level of flexibility and light control. The mid rail provides structural benefits to your shutters, acting as a central support for larger panel designs. However, some windows are better suited to a ‘hidden split’, without the mid-rail.

Solid Panel Wood Shutters

Whether it’s darkening a room space, keeping out the cold or making a real interior style statement, solid wood shutters always deliver.

What are solid wood shutters?

‘Solid window shutters’ is the term given to any shutter whose panels are not louvered or slatted. They are made of solid hardwood and, as such, let in far less light than their more contemporary peers.

Café Style Shutters

Keep your space light and gain extra privacy with half-height plantation shutters for stylish street-front rooms.

What are café style shutters?

Café style shutters give you the best of both worlds. Most commonly seen in a louvred style – where slats can be positioned to let in or block out light – café shutters only cover a portion of their respective window fittings.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

The perfect addition to tall windows and rooms that require varying levels of light and privacy, tier-on-tier shutters have proved themselves as one of the most versatile shutter styles on the market.

What are tier-on-tier shutters?

Tier-on-tier (or double hung) shutters are slatted plantation shutters that offer full window coverage in as much the same way as a full-height shutter does, but with an added extra. The upper and lower panels of a tier-on-tier shutter are physically separated, meaning that the top and bottom sections can be opened or closed independently of one another.

Shutters for Doors

Why should your windows have all the fun? Give your interior doors the Shutterly Fabulous treatment and transform them into a real style statement.

Why have shutters on doors?

Whilst standard window areas are the most common source of light in the home, many of us now enjoy the light and sense of space offered by glass doors like french windows and sliding patio doors. With this in mind, wooden shutters offer lighting and temperature control, as well as an extra level of privacy that you wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy from these types of doors.

Bespoke Shape Shutters

Our bespoke hardwood shutters can be made to fit just about any shape you can think of.

Bespoke Shape Shutters

Our bespoke hardwood shutters can be made to fit just about any shape you can think of. Beyond made-to-measure frames and panels, we can give you the option of hinges or magnets for easy opening, even in the most awkward spaces.

Plantation Shutters

It’s no surprise that plantation shutters are one of the most desired window dressings for any homeowner, but what is it that gives them their edge?

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are made to measure wooden blinds that sit inside their own frame, drilled to your windowsill or doorframe.

Custom colour shutters

Aside from our standard colour range, when it comes to custom colours, we can be very flexible. In short, we can match any Farrow & Ball shade, any tone from the Dulux colour charts, and we can also match to any Little Greene colour of your choice.

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