Kitchen shutters

We believe that the very best in kitchen design stretches further than the joinery of units and worktops. To us, kitchen shutters are the finest finishing touch you can add, offering style, durability, practicality and more.

Kitchen shutters are easy to maintain, suit all kitchen styles, and can even insulate draughty windows. But, if we had to reduce it to one key reason why shutters are perfect for the kitchen, it’s the flexibility they bring in controlling light that enters the room as you cook, clean, and enjoy your home, all the while retaining privacy from passers-by.

With louvered slats that can be adjusted to reduce or improve light flow, together with shutter panels that can be swung in various formations, kitchen window shutters give far more style and flexibility than kitchen window blinds can afford.

Full height shutters cover the entire kitchen window opening, giving a stylish look to the room while smartening your exterior. Add an optional mid-rail which allows the upper and lower slats to tilt independently for even more light and privacy control. Not just for windows, they also finish off kitchen diner patio doors beautifully.

Cafe style shutters are a fabulous option for kitchens, especially when fitted to windows above a sink. They retain privacy at the lower level of the window while you wash up, allowing light to flow freely above. This shutter style works beautifully in a kitchen diner layout, creating a cocooning space while you and your guests dine together.

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