Living room shutters

Whether it’s winding down after a long day or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, the living room is a haven for relaxation – and your window dressings should mirror that. Being as versatile as they are stylish, here’s why shutters are a must-have in your living room.

As one of the most-used rooms in the home, living rooms reflect the character and style of the home owner – and injecting personality into it is an aesthetic-must. Shutters allow you to do just that. Whether you go for a solid panel or louvered style, their clean lines and subtle elegance will allow you to create the precise style statement you’re after.

Not only stylish, living room shutters offer unrivalled practical benefits too. If your living room is street-facing or you’re conscious of passers-by seeing into your home, shutters provide a level of privacy and flexibility that other window dressings can’t.

If you have tall living room windows, then our tier on tier shutters are well worth considering. Divided into upper and lower sections, their partitioning allows for one half to be opened and the other closed – allowing for complete privacy whilst light fills the room. Our full height shutters make any sized window space look great. Offering a smart finish, their full-covering nature lends themselves to being a real talking point of a room. If you have a street-facing living room, then our cafe style shutters may work best for you. Providing coverage over as much of your window as you like, cafe style shutters are ideal for achieving the difficult balancing act between privacy and light control.

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